Roger Federer Foreshadows Success at Australian Open

The 2017 Australian Open marked the comeback of all-time great Roger Federer. Having spent six months rehabbing from injuries, Federer said he felt rejuvenated, motivated, and energetic in revealing interviews for tennis’ biggest  international markets (Japan, China, UK, U.S. and Australia). Three weeks after the SMT, Federer historically won the Australian Open against his rival Rafael Nadal.

  • The SMT for Wilson Sporting Goods was timely and newsworthy, but it had to be produced on short notice, on location in Melbourne.
  • Federer’s comeback was the story of the tournament, yielding massive earned coverage for the brand.
  • Wilson turned pre-tournament marketing into an exclusive philanthropic sales campaign, auctioning off 18 limited edition rackets commemorating Federer’s historic victory and donating the proceeds to his foundation.